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11-30-1905 Myra and the Messiah Part 1

Myra and the Messiah
By Taryn G., age 16

The soldiers marched down the street. Line after line of dirty, hot, weary men stared straight ahead and missed the looks of hatred and rage from the people of the town. Unwanted strangers, the soldiers longed to get back to their hometown, just as much as the villagers wanted them gone.
Myra grimaced as she remembered that awful day and the horrible days after it. Even today she still dreaded the sight of any soldier, since it reminded her of the oppression, like rubbing salt in a wound. Would there ever come a day when a valiant warrior would rise up and lead the people to conquer the despised soldiers?
"Myra, stop daydreaming and help me."
Obediently, Myra helped her mom with making the cots and cleaning. With the new decree, their family was preparing their inn for an overload of travelers from all over the country.
"I don't understand why Caesar ordered this decree." muttered Myra.
"Well, he is a greedy Roman and just wants to know how many people he can squeeze money out of," Myra's mom said through clenched teeth. "However, the census should bring some well-needed business. Run over to the Simeon's house and ask if they have any blankets they can spare; we are running low," Myra's mother ordered.
Winding through the narrow, dusty roads of Bethlehem, Myra finally reached the outskirts of the small town. Stretched out before her were the farm fields and pastures. Stopping at a lopsided house with cheery, bright green curtains, Myra knocked on the door. A skinny boy, a couple years younger than she, swung open the door and yelled, "Danya, Myra is here!" The pattering of bare feet preceded a bright-eyed girl about Myra's age.
"Myra, it is good to see you. What brings you out this way?" Danya exclaimed.
"My mother was wondering if you had any blankets to spare. We are preparing for a big crowd to come with Caesar Augustus' decree." Myra replied.
"I will ask my mother, but do come in," Danya said cheerfully, holding open the door. She and her brother Jonathan, who had answered the door, invited Myra to come with them as they finished their chores. Since their father owned sheep, they were often helping with the farming. Walking out to the sheep pastures, the three friends chattered, skipping from subject to subject.
Danya pronounced, "Do you think that the Messiah will be born soon?" and then rushed off for the needed blankets. It was so like Danya to say something that made one think and then run off.
Although used to Danya's abruptness, Myra hesitated before saying to Jonathan, "Who is the Messiah Danya is talking about? What is his purpose? However he is, I hope he will come soon and be the one to save us from the Roman oppression," she grumbled. That was all that the Messiah needed to do, Myra thought, and all that she wanted him to do.
"I believe that He is coming for a different purpose," answered Jonathan mysteriously.
Watch for Part 2 next week.