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12-09-1905 Myrah and the Messiah Part 2

Myra and the Messiah, Part 2
By Taryn G, age 16

"Look around you. There are fields, mountains, trees, bushes, animals, and people. Someone had to create all this and not just any someone: a Creator. One who loves." Danya's face looked like someone had turned on a light inside. The two girls were sitting on a green hill that Danya's family used for pasturing their sheep. Down below them, they could see the tiny town of Bethlehem. "Just look at the color and beauty there is, even in our dusty land. I believe our purpose is to recognize that there exists a Creator and to give Him glory and thanks for what He made."
Myra watched the tiny people streaming into the town, registering at the registrar's table that had been temporarily set up for the census. She knew they were attempting to find some place to stay and get some meals. However, Bethlehem was filling up quickly with many travelers. Along with the inns, the marketplace was busy. Trying to sell their wares, the local vendors were shouting out their items to the newcomers. Since Myra's mother ran one of the several inns in Bethlehem, she was extremely busy trying to cope with all of the travelers.
It had been days since she'd seen Danya, since Myra's mother kept her running every minute with cleaning this and moving that at their inn. To sit with her friend and just enjoy everything around her was relaxing, even with Danya's questions and statements. Myra sighed.
Danya interrupted Myra's thoughts and said, "It is so much more meaningful and it makes sense. If there is a building, there is a builder. If there is a blanket, there is a weaver. If there is a creation, there has to be a creator."
Too soon after, Myra was weaving her way back through the crowds of people, headed for her house. All of a sudden a Roman soldier was standing in her way, and having no time to react, Myra collided with the man.
"You incompetent girl!" The Roman shouted. "Watch where you are going!" With that he slammed his forearm into Myra's chest and stomped off.
Shocked and dazed from her fall, Myra lay on the ground. After the soldier moved off, the people of Bethlehem surrounded her. Once they saw it was her, they ridiculed her for her clumsy act and humiliation from the soldier. Myra was so angry that she wanted to pick up the stones around her and start hurling them. She wished she could find that Roman soldier and punch him, but she knew how dangerous and brainless that would be.
"Why do the people of Bethlehem have to hold their silly grudges? Why can't they let it go and not treat us differently? Haven't we suffered enough already? Danya and Jonathan are my only friends." Myra confessed to her mother after she arrived home.
Her mother's chapped hands, from so much washing and cooking, pushed the hair back from her daughter's dusty face. Myra gulped back the hot, angry tears.
"I am so sorry for what we have gone through that they treat us this way. I don't understand it, but we must not let it bother us. If you forgive them, it is easier to deal with the resentment and anger." Myra's mother replied.
"I can't forgive them! I can't accept the Romans either!" Myra shouted and stormed off to her room.
Lying on her back in her small room, Myra glared up at the ceiling. Life was so unfair. The way their family was treated was so unfair. Her father had set terrible things in motion with his act of kindness. The Romans didn't deserve to be treated nicely. What happened afterward should have never have happened. If the people of Bethlehem had still held onto their prejudice after all these years, they would never let it go. She had thought that maybe her situation was getting better, because the kids were actually acknowledging her presence at school. However, the event today confirmed her fears; it would never get better. How could she stand it?

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