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Announcing Penny's Mercantile

Greetings from my new Mercantile!

As many of you know, from the stories of Blessing that seem to spread to all corners of this big world God made, I own and operate Penny's Mercantile in Blessing, North Dakota.

Over the years, I've found many items which bless people's lives. Why, I was the first in the Red River Valley to bring in what was called "that newfangled" washing machine! Sophie bought one for the boardinghouse and oh my, the people who trooped into the dining room for lunch and then asked if they could "just take a peek" at it.

Now, I have this online store…another "newfangled" way to let those of you who love the Blessing way of life bring it into your homes: Penny's Mercantile at

My cherished Aunt Ingeborg is fond of saying we are “blessed to be a blessing.” It is so true. We are blessed by our Father to overflow blessings to someone else. Now you can encourage yourself or a friend with our shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and the most exceptional postcards west of the Mississippi River (and maybe east, too).

Visit my mercantile today by going to and clicking on “Mercantile” on the right side of the top bar. That’s my way of you walking right into my store. You can shop online or by mail. All the instructions you need are right in the store.

I must hurry back to the store. Hope to see you soon.

Penny Bjorklund